Thursday, July 9, 2009

Dogs on Thursday

Playing with the water hose is the "fun time" before the "bath time."  Ludo loves playing in the water.  Some may ask, "where's Willow?"  She's hiding on the porch, hoping we forgot about her. Trust me she got her bath and she was only mad at me for about an hour or so.  Fair trade off.


  1. Rudy loves the waterhose too!

  2. Ludo looks like he's having a high ole time playing in the water. Did you ever think about getting him one of those squirty toys you hook up for little kids on the end of a hose, then the thing squirts water in all directions? I bet Ludo would love that! :)

    I looked at the photos below and have to say you're one heck of a photographer. You've got quite the eye for composition, plus you even make the icky bugs look good. :)

  3. Wow thanks so much. I haven't thought of the water toy. it's a really good idea. i wanted to get him a little kiddie pool, but i think your idea is better. Thanks again.