Sunday, July 26, 2009

Macro Monday

I always end up with too many macro shots to chose from come each Monday.  It seems a lot of things I find beautiful are tiny.  Its all in the details for me.


  1. You are getting really good at this picture taking thing.

    You've got a gift for catching just the right moment.

    That shot of the spider is soooo cool!

    But you're early with MM. Now I won't have any cool new shots waiting for me when I get on the computer tomorrow morning.

  2. Great Macros! I love that lizard! Is he friendly?

  3. Lovely shots - I like them both.
    The cleaner background in the first one makes it my top pick.

  4. Cool shots! At the moment I'm favoring the spider - what a cool angle. :)

  5. Chris-- sorry about jumping the gun. i just get so excited for MM! i will be good next time promise :)

    Lin--he was as friendly as any lizard i had ever met.

    Gallicissa-- thank you (and i am partial to the spider too)

    Carletta-- thanks! speaking of angles i had to nearly sit on a very thorny bush to get that shot. what we won't do for a great macro shot!?!?!

  6. Look at that lizard - all relaxed and posing for you!! Wonderful shots. I love doing macros - have the same problem every Monday - too many choices.

  7. Those are both so neat! I especially love the lizard photo - with his clear head and blurry body - he could be just about anything (a snake, a baby alligator, etc.). ;)