Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Boulware Springs Waterworks

Apparently Boulware Springs is the reason why the University of Florida is in Gainesville.  I have read that the city promised the university free water from said spring.  I came across the spring on my way home from La Chua the other day.  The spring is a 4th magnitude spring and the plant has been turned into a small museum. The water was all jewel tones and stillness.  So inviting on such a hot, muggy day. There was even a turtle there serving as sentry. 


  1. Did you walk through all the underbrush on the
    way to bike trail from the springs.... very buggy.. too much so for moi.

  2. no i did not do that, thank goodness. it was buggy though.

  3. The color of the water is amazing.