Thursday, August 6, 2009

Dogs on Thursday

The idea was so full of promise and magic.  It was a quiet Saturday afternoon.  I proclaimed, "let's take Ludo for a walk down the Gainesville-Hawthorne Trail!" I had images of the hubby running Ludo down the trail as if to take flight.  I, of course, was going to capture these priceless moments in perfect photographic precision.  Like I said, full of promise and magic.  You can see the excitement on Ludo's tongue, I mean face.
If only I had thought to check the weather....
Being full of optimism (and the nearly 30 years of experience with Florida weather) I figured lets get out and go anyway.  It will pass in moments.
An hour later, we finally make it back to the car through the downpour, thunder, lightning, and all around misery.  Needless to say these are my only captured moments of my great idea.  Ludo was a great sport.  He slept the whole way home.  


  1. The weather can be so uncooperative sometimes. A couple good pictures anyway.

  2. Aw poor Ludo! I'm sure the car trip was worth it though. My two are happy just to go for a ride - they don't actually need to get out of the car at any point. And, it's a great photo story.

  3. That's the great things about dogs. They can make the best out of almost any situation.

    Hey Rachael, I thought you might like to check out the Fat Free Vegan blog. She's posted some pictures that are right up your alley.

  4. The Diva ( Tesas ) would never have gotten out of the car. Thunder and the essence of rain would have her embedded in the car seat.